Treatment of the cardiovascular system at FRC FTM

Currently, diseases of the cardiovascular system are among the most common in people of all ages. Timely treatment and preventive examinations help reduce the risk of developing and developing cardiovascular diseases.. The clinic of the FRC FTM treats such diseases as:

  • previous myocardial infarction;
  • undergone coronary artery bypass surgery and valve replacement;
  • transfer of balloon angioplasty and stenting;
  • hypertension, etc..

The treatment program for cardiological patients includes:

Physiotherapeutic effect

(magnetotherapy, galvanization, electrophoresis, amplipulse therapy, electrosleep, all that- and heat therapy, etc.)

Methods are combined individually, which contributes to a sparing therapeutic regimen and a more favorable prognosis.

The magnetotherapy room is equipped with modern equipment for treatment with an alternating magnetic field and a rotating magnetic field.. Magnetotherapy is well tolerated by debilitated patients, as well as elderly patients, suffering from concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system. Magnetotherapy is effective in hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, etc..


(coniferous baths, sea ​​salt baths, dry carbonic baths “Reabox”, hot tub, circular shower)

Bathtubs are equipped with a built-in bubble grate made of 30 nozzles. Under the influence of bubble hydromassage, the walls of blood vessels are strengthened and their elasticity is restored., the work of the lymphatic system and venous blood circulation is activated, blood circulation is activated, Consequently, improves heart function, increases metabolism, defenses are activated, improving the general condition of the body.

Underwater shower-massage relieves spasm of peripheral arteries, alters systemic hemodynamics, especially in cardiovascular disease.


It has always been an important and effective part in the treatment of various diseases.. For cardiological patients selected training complexes, which can be done in a group or individually.


Able to alleviate the condition in diseases of the cardiovascular system and has a beneficial effect on the state of the circulatory system.

Aromatherapy sessions

Have a positive effect on the body, helping to strengthen.


Specially designed phytocollections are used, the action of which is aimed at regulating the vascular component after suffering cardiovascular diseases.

Thermal exposure methods

To improve the arterial and venous circulation of the lower extremities, wrapping the lower extremities with Karavaev's balm "Somaton" is used.

Efferent therapy

Ultraviolet irradiation of blood is aimed at improving blood circulation, rheological properties of blood and microcirculation, and is also used as a prevention of heart attack and stroke. Laser therapy has a versatile effect and is used in coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, vegetative dystonia, arterial hypertension, etc..

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