Treatment of the female reproductive sphere is impossible without correct and quick diagnosis., which allows problems to be identified, as well as to determine the severity of the disease and the complications that have arisen.

Spectrum of diagnostic studies:


Allows you to conduct a detailed examination of the internal female organs accessible to the gynecologist using a special microscope with built-in lighting - a colposcope. The procedure is similar to a regular gynecological examination - the walls of the vagina are bred with a dilator (mirror), and the inspection itself lasts no more 20 minutes.

With a colposcopegynecologist can examine the vaginal part of the cervix and the entire vagina - organs, most commonly infected, tumor processes and erosion.

What you see can be captured and stored electronically, using pictures afterwards to compare the results of therapy.

Indications for carrying out

  • Identified dysplasia according to the results of cytology of the cervix
  • Control of local treatment
  • Genital warts detected on the cervix
  • quickly, bad smell, discharge and rash in the vaginal area
  • Pain during intercourse, then noticeable discharge mixed with blood or pus
  • Prolonged drawing pain in the lower abdomen, not related to typical menstrual ailments.
  • Bleeding outside the cycle
  • Edema, growths, sores in the genital area
  • Difficulties with conception
  • Frozen pregnancies, miscarriages


The procedure is virtually painless and takes only 10-15 minutes. The doctor examines as usual, on the gynecological chair. First, a vaginal speculum is inserted, then the colposcope itself. During the examination, the gynecologist takes smears from the mucosa for examination in the laboratory. To avoid discomfort and discomfort, the patient should sit in it as comfortably as possible and, main, to relax.