Research Institute of Virology (Research Institute of Virology) is a structural subdivision of FIC FTM.

The Institute is a leading scientific institution in the Siberian region, engaged in a comprehensive study of circulating in wild, pets and people viruses, with the definition of their properties, including potential hazard assessment.

The main goal of the Research Institute of Virology is: fulfillment of fundamental, search and applied scientific research, corresponding to the world level of science, in the field of priority areas of biology and medicine related to the study of the evolution and ecology of newly emerging or returning viral and bacterial pathogens; study of their influence on somatic diseases (combined "comorbid" conditions).

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve a number of specific tasks., namely:

  1. Organization of control (monitoring) for newly emerging and returning infections in the study area (Asian part of Russia and adjacent territories of border countries)
  2. Isolation of new variants of viral and bacterial pathogens
  3. Study of biological properties and molecular genetic features of isolated pathogens.
  4. Development of modern diagnostic kits for the detection of topical viral and bacterial pathogens.
  5. Exchange of operational information on circulating pathogens in the territory of border countries with scientific centers of a similar profile in the Republic of Kazakhstan, People's Republic of China, North and South Korea, Japan and others.
  6. Development of modern means of treatment and prevention of viral and bacterial infections caused by newly emerging and returning infections.
  7. Study of the influence of viral and bacterial pathogens on the occurrence and course of topical, primarily socially significant somatic diseases.