An integrated approach to rehabilitation includes complementary functional treatments. One of which is rehabilitation swimming in the pool.

Sports activities in the water have a positive effect on health, have a powerful restorative and healing effect. Staying in this environment corresponds to being in a state of weightlessness. The load on the ligaments and joints is significantly reduced, and for the performance of active muscle movements it is not required to apply great efforts. This is especially important during the rehabilitation period., when to avoid overload.

The water complex of the FRC FTM clinic includes two pools with fresh and salt water. Pool bowls are equipped with lifts for the disabled.

Indications for rehabilitation swimming:

  • obesity
  • neuroses
  • undergone surgery
  • joint diseases
  • osteochondrosis and scoliosis

The lesson is held individually under the guidance of an exercise therapy instructor.. The patient and the instructor descend into the pool with warm water. The instructor demonstrates the exercises and, if necessary, helps to fulfill them.. Throughout the session, the instructor monitors the patient's condition.. Lesson lasts 30 or 45 minutes, after which the patient and instructor leave the pool. During classes, exercises using special equipment can be used. (belts, boards, cuffs, etc.) or without it.


  • Indications for rehabilitation swimming are determined by a physiotherapy doctor.
  • You must have a hat with you., swimwear and non-slip shoes.