Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine" provides medical care using telemedicine technologies [link FIZ FTM order in PDF] with remote interaction of medical workers among themselves in the following profiles:

  • medical rehabilitation
  • neurology
  • endocrinology
  • cardiology
  • pulmonology

FIC FTM specialists conduct telemedicine consultations according to the doctor-doctor scheme in the telemedicine consultation subsystem of the Unified State Health Information System (AEGIS);

To receive a telemedicine consultation, the referring medical organization must be registered in the telemedicine consultation subsystem


Unified state information system in the field of healthcare (AEGIS). Within the framework of this system, it is possible to conduct telemedicine consultations using video conferencing.

Consultations (consultations of doctors) when providing medical care using telemedicine technologies, consultations can be carried out in real time or in the mode of deferred consultations.

Consultations (consultations of doctors) in the provision of medical care using telemedicine technologies are carried out in an emergency or planned form.

Purposes of consultations/councils of doctors using telemedicine technologies:

  1. clarification of the patient's diagnosis;
  2. clarification of patient management tactics;
  3. determination of the presence or absence of indications for hospitalization in the FRC FTM for the provision of specialized, including, high-tech medical care, medical rehabilitation;
  4. obtaining a second medical opinion;
  5. consultations for patients diagnosed with myasthenia gravis (this disease is included in the field of scientific and clinical areas of FRC FTM).

The documents, necessary for conducting a telemedicine consultation / consultation:

  1. referral for telemedicine consultation (form download link);
  2. voluntary informed consent of the patient (form download link);
  3. extract from the medical history (with detailed history, well-defined clinical manifestations, indication of previous therapy: medications, physiotherapy methods, doses, duration of therapy, efficiency / not efficiency, therapy tolerance);
  4. results of laboratory and instrumental studies;
  5. consultations of related specialists, if necessary (the presence of comorbidity).

For organizing and conducting telemedicine consultations, please contact:

Kovalenko Olga Mikhailovna, +7 (383) 274 95 79