Training of NIIMBB employees

24 August 2023 of the year, special tactical training was conducted for employees of one of the institutes of the FRC FTM - the Research Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics…

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Lyakhovych Vyacheslav Valentinovych 21.10.1939 – 24.04.2023 Academician RAN, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, With 1992 after 2015…

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Gratitude from the Russian Army

Commander of the 41st Army, Lieutenant General Sergey Ryzhkov expressed his gratitude to the staff of the FRC FTM for the plantago gauze hemostatic tamponade dressings, scientific achievements and industrial…

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Technoprom 2022

 Chief Physician of the Clinic of the Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine (FIC FTM), Candidate of Medical Sciences Maxim Valerievich Shipunov spoke at…

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Cardiology march

S 7 on 9 June 2022 year, the Annual All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "CARDIOLOGY ON THE MARCH – 2022"and the 62nd scientific…

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In order to preserve and improve people's health, we are implementing the strategy of our Center, which consists in determining modern scientific directions, the achievements of which in the near future will form the basis of methods for preventing diseases and diagnosing them, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

FITs FTM clinic

Functioning with 1982 years and is currently developing as a multidisciplinary scientific and clinical center of federal significance with the most modern complex of diagnostic and treatment technologies and effective methods of medical rehabilitation. The translation of the achievements of fundamental science into the practice of our clinic is ensured by the structural integrity of the FRC FTM

Research Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics

Educated in 1998 year, by combining the scientific assets and potential of two institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, students from 1992 years of problems of molecular pathology, environmental biochemistry, medical and biological cybernetics

Research Institute of Biochemistry

Starts its story with 1971 years away from biochemistry problems, molecular biology, biotechnology and chemical microanalysis in the field of molecular mechanisms of adaptation and homeostasis to research in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering in modern science

Institute of Molecular Pathology and Pathomorphology

Organized in 1992 year as a coordinating scientific center for studying the structural foundations of clinical and experimental pathology for the development and continuous improvement of methods for diagnosing and predicting human diseases

Research Institute of Virology

He calculates his history from 2013 years and continues the work of leading scientists in the realities of today to study the molecular and cellular basis of the pathogenesis of new and most common viral infections to develop means of their specific and non-specific prevention

Research Institute for Experimental and Clinical Medicine

Created in 1970 year simultaneously with the formation of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences to solve many medical and biological problems to study the interaction of the human body with production and environmental factors

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