Treatment of patients with diseases of the endocrine system

Internal organs are regulated by hormones., which are produced by the endocrine glands. Often there is a malfunction in the endocrine system, leading to the development of pathologies and diseases of the whole organism.

The clinic of the FRC FTM treats such diseases as:

  • diabetes 1 and 2 types;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • autoimmune thyroiditis
  • obesity
  • osteoporosis

The treatment program for patients with diseases of the endocrine system includes:

  1. Survey (instrumental and laboratory research methods), that allow the fastest and most accurate diagnosis.
  2. Medical treatment selected individually, taking into account the patient's condition and concomitant diseases, must be combined with medical nutrition and phytotherapy.
  3. Phytotherapy specially formulated herbs are used, contributing to the fullest use of natural biologically active substances.
  4. Physiotherapy allows you to create an optimal set of exercises, during classes, they teach the technique of performing and dosing loads, that will allow you to continue studying at home
  5. Physiotherapeutic effect used as an aid, techniques are combined individually, which increases the effectiveness of treatment.
  6. Balneotherapy (dry carbonic baths "Reabox", circular shower) improve microcirculation, increase the activity of metabolic processes.
  7. Aromatherapy has a general positive effect on the body and is simply pleasant (because sometimes you can forget, that you are in the hospital)

The examination and treatment plan is drawn up by the attending physician with the participation of a multidisciplinary team, which allows the medical team to provide the best result.

Conditions for the provision of medical care to patients, with diseases of the endocrine system


  • paid medical services
  • under a voluntary medical insurance policy


  • within the framework of the basic program of compulsory medical insurance (compulsory medical insurance policy and direction in the form 057 / y are required, issued by a clinician)
  • paid medical services
  • under a voluntary medical insurance policy