Center for collective use of scientific equipment "Spectrometric measurements"

Head of the CKP

Dudarev Alexey Nikolaevich

candidate of biological sciences

+7 (952) 903 48 89

general information

Center for collective use of scientific equipment (CCP) created in the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine" (FIC FTM) for the purpose of practical implementation of the innovative activities of FIC FTM, concentration of intellectual potential, technical means and technological equipment to improve the quality of scientific research, development of modern technologies.

The CCU was created on a functional basis and operates on the basis of a structural unit of the FIC MTM and is formed from among the employees of the Center.

Object code of the Scientific and Technological Infrastructure of the Russian Federation: 201723

Year of creation:  2011


To ensure effective scientific activity, the Center for Collective Use "Spectrometric Measurements" was created and is being developed as a universal experimental complex, supporting cell and molecular biology technologies (registration of UV spectra of lipids, proteins and DNA, registration of natural tryptophan fluorescence of biomembranes, cells and fluorescent DNA labels, registration of spectra of biological material using infrared Fourier spectroscopy). The high qualification of the Center's employees is confirmed by many years of experience., publications in leading domestic and foreign scientific journals.

The instrumental base of the Center currently allows to carry out a wide range of research works in the field of biotechnology, biochemistry and biophysics. Center employees conduct research on grants, government contracts, treaties, topics of budget financing, doctoral, PhD theses and theses. Research customers are the institutes of FIC FTM, as well as third parties.

Within the framework of contracts and inter-institutional agreements, the Center for Collective Use "Spectrometric Measurements" cooperates with research organizations and universities in Novosibirsk. The employees of the Center provide fast and high-quality implementation of the required research for all interested third-party government and commercial organizations.

results, obtained during research, are used as a basis for preparing publications in Russian and foreign publications. Usually, the specialists of the Center are part of the team of authors of these publications, and also take an active part in the presentation of the obtained data at domestic and international scientific conferences.

It is important to note, that the CUC is the basis for the scientific activities of young scientists. Center staff actively involve young people in research work, conduct training on the equipment of the Center.