Patient visits are scheduled.

Patient visit times:
Daily with 16.30 to 19.30
Weekends and public holidays 10.00 to 14.00 and with 16.30 to 19.30
Unauthorized persons are not allowed in the rooms. Meeting with visitors and
relatives possible in the lobby 1 floors.

Visiting Patients, in serious condition and in the intensive care unit and
intensive care, allowed only with the permission of the Deputy Chief Physician for
medical activities.

With the introduction of restrictive measures (quarantine) for infections
visitors to patients are prohibited.

Visitors must treat hospital staff with respect, others
visitors and patients.

Visitors must keep quiet, cleanliness, order in departments, corridors,
transitions, common areas.

Admission of visitors to the intensive care unit is allowed without
outerwear, headgear and in the presence of removable shoes or shoe covers.

Visitors are not allowed to sit on patient beds.

Visitors in order to maintain public order and suppress terrorist activities, other crimes are prohibited:

  • visiting while intoxicated, drug or toxic intoxication
  • take photo-, filming, sound recording without the permission of the administration
  • carry weapons, chemical, explosive narcotic, toxic substances
  • carry large items
  • be in the office without permission
  • smoke, gamble, use foul language
  • leave young children unsupervised
  • endure, from the hospital medical records, received for review
  • withdraw any documents from medical records, folders, stands,
  • post ads without the permission of the administration, do business
  • be in outerwear
  • bring unauthorized food

Walking patients in the open air is allowed during visiting hours only on
on the territory of the FRC FTM and with the permission of the attending physician.

Patients are not allowed to leave the hospital grounds..

Do not bring the following products to patients:

  • canned food (fish, meat), vegetable marinades, pickles
  • boiled and smoked sausages, fish cooking, caviar
  • carbonated drinks, juices in packages 200,0 Jr
  • berries, mushrooms, watermelons, melons, Exotic fruits, walnuts, seeds
  • dairy products not in factory packaging, fresh eggs
  • cakes and pastries, home cooking
  • tobacco and alcohol products
  • products, allowed to receive, but in quantities greater than the permissible norms

You are allowed to bring the following products:

  • apples washed with boiled water, pears, cucumbers and tomatoes - no more 0,5 kg
  • mineral water without gas - no more than 1.0 l
  • natural juices in packages not exceeding 0.2l
  • biscuits in a package and caramel in candy wrappers, 0.2 kg each
  • hard cheese - no more than 0.1 kg
  • buns without filling - 2 pieces
  • dairy products in factory packaging - no more than 0.5 l
  • tea bags, sugar