Rehabilitation of patients at the FTS FTM who have undergone COVID-19

COVID-19 is a disease, which does not pass without a trace. The virus often causes severe bilateral pneumonia, the consequences of which patients feel for a long time.

COVID-19 is prone to lung fibrosis (scarring in the lungs), which leads to the replacement of normal lung tissue with non-functional zones of fibrosis.

Complications of COVID-19, usually, occur due to an uncontrolled massive immune response of the body to the virus. In vessels, which nourish the lungs, microthrombosis can form, which leads to disorders of microcirculation and nutrition of the lung tissue. As a result, natural processes of lung tissue repair proceed more slowly and with significant disturbances. Dyspnea persists for a long time in many patients, cough, asthenia, which significantly reduces the quality of life.

The FITS FTM clinic will help speed up recovery and avoid complications of viral pneumonia. We have developed a special rehabilitation program for you, which will not only help restore the work of all vital systems of the body, but will also have a general strengthening effect on health in general

  • Specialized program for the recovery of the body after pneumonia and COVID-19
  • The program was developed by pulmonologists and rehabilitologists, which are more 6 have been treating and rehabilitating patients with coronavirus infection for months
  • You can complete the program in a 24-hour hospital
  • The duration of the rehabilitation program is 12 days

The objective of the rehabilitation program:

  • Resumption of the lungs in full;
  • Elimination of residual symptoms, such as prolonged cough;
  • Prevention of the proliferation of connective tissue and the formation of pneumofibrosis, pleural adhesions;
  • Treatment of immunodeficiency after suffering inflammation;
  • Relief of dysbiosis after antibiotic therapy;
  • Prevention of re-development of the inflammatory process in the lungs;
  • Reduction of intoxication, decrease in the number of complications.

The rehabilitation program after COVID-19 includes:

1. Advisory assistance.

Doctors will work with you: pulmonologist, therapist, physiotherapist and physician-rehabilitation therapist, exercise therapy doctor, speech therapist, medical psychologist

2. Physiotherapy.

Has a general tonic effect, increases exercise tolerance, reduces intoxication, helps to reduce the number of complications.

3. Breathing exercises.

Aimed at combating congestion in the lungs, improves the function of external respiration, corrects the breathing mechanism, accelerates the absorption of inflammatory elements and reduces the formation of adhesions.

4. Hardware physiotherapy.

Promotes the early resorption of the inflammatory focus of the lung tissue.

The program uses the following hardware techniques:

  • Electrophoresis of drugs. The method of combined exposure to direct current and a medicinal substance, introduced with its help. It allows you to deliver concentrated anti-inflammatory drugs directly to the affected area without damaging the skin and mucous membranes.. It is used at the stage of resorption of inflammatory changes, to relieve bronchospasm, improve sputum discharge and reduce pain.
  • Phonophoresis of drugs. Simultaneous exposure to ultrasound and drugs. One of the main properties of ultrasound – acceleration of the resorption of decay products in the focus of inflammation (cleansing the inflammatory focus in the lungs from destruction products). Reduces the formation of pleural adhesions.
  • Electromyostimulation. The electrostatic field has anti-edema, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory action. Stimulates the regeneration of lung tissue and resorption of the inflammatory focus.
  • Salt cave. Artificial microclimate treatment method. Reduces swelling of the respiratory tract mucosa, improved drainage function, the inflammatory reaction of the mucous membrane of the upper and lower respiratory tract decreases.
  • Chest massage. Promotes the restoration of the drainage function of the lungs, reduction of bronchospasm, increases the mobility of the chest and increases the elasticity of the pleural adhesions.
  • Treadmill walking.

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