The department provides advice to patients, hospitalized in the clinic and outpatients for all groups of diseases.

In the department, you can undergo all types of examinations and pass the necessary tests for outpatients.

Each office of the department is equipped with modern tools and equipment from reliable manufacturers., allowing high-level diagnostics and treatment. Apparatus, used when working with patients, allow you to get accurate results in a short time, diagnose pathology in the work of organs, conduct preventive examinations and make the necessary laboratory tests for diagnosis.

Reception is conducted by doctors of the highest qualification category: 

  • therapists;
  • neurologists – listen and create an individual diagnostic program. You will be able to undergo primary diagnosis and treatment on issues:
  1. diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
  2. brain diseases;
  3. memory and attention disorders;
  4. psychosomatic diseases;
  5. dizziness, spinal diseases, etc..
  • gynecologist – carries out diagnostics and treatment of women's diseases and preventive examinations. Provides treatment and diagnostics:
  1. gynecological diseases;
  2. diseases, sexually transmitted;
  3. pathologies of internal organs;
  4. hormonal related diseases;
  5. infertility, etc..
  • occupational pathologist;
  • otorhinolaryngologist – this is a doctor, who treats patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, the nose, throat and related areas of the head and neck. The doctor treats diseases such as:
  1. chronic tonsillitis;
  2. acute and chronic diseases of the nasopharynx;
  3. treatment of tinnitus and sinusitis;
  4. treatment of chronic tonsillitis is carried out on the device "Tonsillor", magneto-laser therapy for acute and chronic diseases of the nasopharynx on the apparatus "Rikta", treatment of sensorineural hearing loss by behind-the-ear blockades, displacement treatment for sinusitis, leaching of sulfur plugs,
  • ophthalmologist – checks visual acuity, scoring, as well as the diagnosis of eye diseases such as:
  1. myopia;
  2. farsightedness;
  3. clouding of the cornea and lens;
  4. glaucoma;
  5. retinal dystrophy;
  • endocrinologist – diagnoses and treats diseases of the endocrine system:
  1. hypothyroidism;
  2. diabetes;
  3. goiter (diffuse, nodal);
  4. obesity;
  5. osteoporosis;
  6. thyroiditis;
  7. metabolic syndrome;
  8. thyroid disease.
  • psychologist – carries out psychological correction.

Get help if you have problems:

  1. life problems and upheavals (divorce, death of a loved one);
  2. conflicts with family and friends, misunderstanding;
  3. lack of self-esteem, low self-esteem;
  4. loss of meaning in life;
  5. communication problems (in t. h. with the opposite sex);
  6. psychological trauma;
  7. emotional problems.
  • urologist – diagnoses and treats acute, chronic, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Your doctor can help you deal with conditions such as:
  1. cystitis;
  2. urethritis;
  3. urolithiasis disease;
  4. pyelonephritis;
  5. hydronephrosis;
  6. prostatitis;
  7. orchitis;
  8. diseases, sexually transmitted.

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