Direction of research – study of the morphogenesis of general pathological, compensatory-adaptive and regenerative processes in organs and tissues in socially significant chronic diseases and in the context of the use of new treatment technologies; development of morphological diagnostic criteria, evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment, personalized selection of adequate correction methods. Research methods - morphological, functional, immunohistochemical.

Lapiy Galina Anatolyevna

Head of Laboratory - Chief Researcher. Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor

Graduated in 1984 G. Tomsk Medical Institute, in 1992 G. defended her thesis on the topic "Electronic microscopic and radioautographic examination of the gastric mucosa in peptic ulcer (according to gastrobiopsy)», in 1998 G. – doctoral dissertation on the topic “Pathomorphology of the stomach in chronic pathological processes of various genesis (chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastropathy)», With 2006 G. - professor in the specialty "pathological anatomy".

The main direction of scientific research– complex pathomorphological analysis of chronic diseases of the digestive and genitourinary systems of various origins, study of the structural mechanisms of diseases of the artificial esophagus, development of criteria for morphological diagnosis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment of these pathological conditions.

G.A. Lapiy established, that in modern environmental conditions chronic gastroenteric diseases (chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastropathy of vibrational and mixed genesis) implemented on the basis of two structural response strategies: gastritis (chronic inflammatory process) and gastropathy (syndrome of regenerative plastic insufficiency). Morphological markers for the studied forms of chronic pathology have been developed, feature of which is a peculiar combination of damage reactions, compensation and regeneration. The induction of regenerative reactions by exposure to incoherent red light in duodenal ulcer has been shown.. Established morphogenetic features of gastrointestinopathy in psoriasis and opisthorchiasis, pancreatic injury, bronchial asthma.

New facts obtained about the spread of Helicobacter pylori in chronic gastroduodenal pathology of various origins, shows the ambiguity of the role of H. pylori infection in the formation and development of chronic pathological processes in the stomach. The results obtained form the basis for the development of a differential diagnostic algorithm, allowing with a high degree of accuracy to carry out pathomorphological diagnosis of chronic pathological processes in the gastroenteric zone with an assessment of the nature of damage and compensatory tissue reserves, which contributes to determining the prognosis of chronic diseases of the stomach.

The concept of the structural foundations of diseases of the artificial esophagus in the technologies of reconstructive and restorative interventions has been developed., performed for benign diseases of the esophagus. Morphological markers of adaptation reactions have been established, damage and compensation of gastric and colonic autografts in new conditions of functioning due to transposition and their performance of esophageal functions. A morphological substantiation of the advantage of choice for esophageal plasty in benign lesions of gastric tube grafts compared to colon grafts is presented..

New information has been obtained on the patterns of tissue remodeling in the correction of chronic urogynecological non-tumor diseases using innovative technologies. The possibility of tissue repair using a low-intensity erbium laser has been established, the clinical effect of which is based on the stimulation of regenerative reactions of fibrillar structures, microvessels, epithelium. As a result of complex experimental studies, the prospects for using a biodegradable polymer have been shown., obtained by electrospinning and consisting of 65% from polycaprolactone and 35% from polytrimethylene carbonate, as an alternative to polypropylene implants to eliminate ligamentous-muscular incompetence.

The obtained scientific knowledge is significant for fundamental science and can be applied in practical healthcare to improve pathomorphological diagnostics., treatment optimization, prevention and prognosis of this chronic pathology.

Author over 150 scientific papers, including 5 monographs. Led by reserved 9 PhD theses.

G.A. Lapiy - member of the council for the defense of doctoral and master's theses at FGBNU "FRC FTM" in the specialty "pathological anatomy".

For special achievements in pathomorphology, she was awarded a Diploma and the European Rudolf Virchow Medal. (Germany, 2007 Mr.).

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