The main scientific directions of the Research Institute of Biochemistry, approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR and the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, for many years have been:

  • Study of biochemical mechanisms of stress and restructuring of homeostatic systems in humans and animals under the influence of ecological factors of Siberia and the North on the body.
  • Development of methods for correcting metabolic disorders, biochemical foundations of rational nutrition and metabolism of xenobiotics using various methods, including methods of chemical microanalysis.
  • The study of the molecular mechanisms of intercellular interactions in the norm and under conditions of functional stress of homeostatic systems in order to develop methods for controlling proliferative, dystrophic and regenerative processes.
  • Study on the basis of methods of molecular biology and biotechnology of directed regulation of gene activity, construction of strains producing proteins-regulators of the immune system and hematopoiesis, development of preventive and curative means, diagnostic kits and preparations and their pilot production.
  • Currently, the main focus of research is shifted to the last two areas..