Contact person

Dudarev Alexey Nikolaevich

PhD in Biology

+7 (952) 903 48 89

Directions of scientific research, held at the CCU:

  • logistics support for research in the field of studying structural changes in biological membranes, proteins and nucleic acids when exposed to biologically active substances;
  • provision of services for the analysis of structural changes in proteins and DNA on existing scientific equipment in the form of collective use to interested users;
  • training of highly qualified specialists during student internships, undergraduates and postgraduates, participating in the implementation of fundamental scientific research in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology on the basis of modern scientific equipment of the CUC;
  • development and implementation of new methods of biochemical analysis;
  • holding seminars on modern methods of biochemical analysis of biological objects.

Priority areas (decree to the President of the Russian Federation N 899)

life sciences

Priority directions of the Strategy of scientific and technological revolution (p. 20)

Personalized medicine, high-tech healthcare and technology health savings