1. Ensuring state-of-the-art proteomic studies using the isolation and fractionation of biosamples, one- and two-dimensional electrophoresis, color registration, fluorescent and chemiluminescent imaging, as well as digital analysis one- and two-dimensional gels, excision of protein gangs or dots from gels and blots, preparation of samples for subsequent mass spectrometric analysis of proteins, multiparametric analysis of biosamples; high performance liquid chromatography; laser microdissection; genomic research, such as real-time PCR and droplet digital PCR, NGS sequencing and Sanger sequencing.
  2. Provision of services for proteomic analysis of biological objects on existing scientific equipment in the form of collective use to interested users.
  3. Attraction of highly qualified personnel to the application of new research methods in the implementation of joint large-scale scientific research.
  4. Providing conditions for the implementation of joint scientific and scientific-technical projects on the equipment of the Central Collective Use Center.
  5. Training of highly qualified specialists during student internships, undergraduates and postgraduates, participating in the implementation of fundamental scientific research in the field of proteomic analysis on the basis of modern scientific equipment of the CUC.
  6. Development and implementation of new methods of proteomic analysis.
  7. Conducting lectures and seminars on modern methods of proteomic analysis of biological objects.
  8. Increasing the level of loading of scientific equipment in the CCU.
  9. Implementation of the activities of the CUC development program.